Emirates Children’s Day Activation

Emirates Children's Day

PR Creativity

Children’s Day Campaign-  May 27th 2018

•Children’s day celebration is a memorable event in  Nigeria’s calendar
•A  children’s day event was organized targeted at   children of Media and Influencers
•The event was well received by Media and Influencers, and this resulted in  massive coverage on print and social media


•The activation was intended to promote Emirates kiddies on-board  offerings
•Some kids were dressed as Emirates Pilots and Emirates Cabin Crew.  This was very well received giving strong emotional appeal and increased love for the Emirates brand
•This event  increased visibility for Emirates.


PR Campaign Turn out

•The activation had a huge coverage in the media.
•Front page and Monday morning appearance achieved  in Tier 1  publication (Guardian Newspaper)
•Coverage within 24 hours of event
•Tonality of report was  all positive
•This campaign  generated over  41 appearances in Print and Online media ..  We achieved over 14 appearances on print media and 37 online media coverage


•This campaign achieved over 400% as return on investment
•There was increased talkability from the event, brand love and brand equity

Approved PR Budget- $6,069

AVE – $47,348