Red Star Express Plc, one of Nigeria’s foremost logistics solutions providers, has announced new safety measures to be implemented at its offices nationwide. This was made known by the Group Managing Director, Dr Sola Obabori, in a statement issued by the company after the Federal Government announced a gradual ease of the lockdown in various parts of the country.

“Following the decision of the Federal Government to ease the lockdown in various parts of the country, we have opened our offices nationwide; with the exception of those situated in cities where the lockdown is still in place. Our offices will be open from Mondays to Saturdays, and between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. In line with this new development, we have also gone on to implement safety measures to ensure that our customers are safe whenever they enter our offices,” he stated.

“We encourage all our customers to wear nose masks and use the hand sanitizers provided at the offices. We also encourage our customers to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between themselves and the Sales Representative when they visit any of our offices,” he added.

Dr. Sola Obabori also stated that customers are advised to minimize the use of cash by using the POS machines at the offices (with their ATM cards) when making payments. He added that the offices are regularly sanitized while Sales Representatives and Dispatch Riders are well-kitted with Personal Protective Equipment.

Red Star Express Plc is a Licensee of Federal Express (FedEx) Corporation, the world’s largest delivery solutions provider. The company has over 150 offices nationwide, with a network reach spanning over 1,500 communities in Nigeria and over 200 countries worldwide. It is made up of 4 subsidiaries specializing in areas such as Express Delivery, Logistics, Freight, Outsourcing services, Supply Chain Management, E-Commerce Logistics Solutions, Printing and Packaging, E-Archiving, Business Enterprise Solutions, as well as Agro Logistics and Trade.